Eau de Parfums

Our Eau de Parfums are sparkling alcohol fragrances that capture moments, feelings, moods, places – real and imagined, natural and supernatural. You might find near-mythical essences such as genuine ocean-cured ambergris, alongside fantasy recreations of perilous dark florals that are as alluring as they are deadly in their natural form. Some aim to bottle a person's essence. But all tell a story, while leaving space for you to connect with the scent and add to its mystique.

Our tropical white floral, Le Bouquet de Maya, is being transformed from an all-natural perfume to a mostly natural perfume with even more beauty, tenacity and sillage. Hoping to unveil this one during Summer 2024.

Released in early 2023, our brand-new reimagining of Something Wicked has sold out and will be available again soon. Redolent with rose, cardamom and patchouli on a softly purring amber base – batch two will be ready during Winter 2023.