Something Wicked ~ Eau de Parfum

Something Wicked ~ Eau de Parfum

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Something Wicked this way comes... Again. This opulent amber gourmand has been newly reformulated into an alcohol base. It's still dripping with patchouli aged in oak, rose and cardamom. However, this new version is amplified with soft musks and notes of incense and cedarwood. Animalic nuances lurk in the back, while a boozy patchouli bite stands up front as a note of caution to those who dare to approach: Underneath that sweet vanilla powder puff prowls a lioness.

Notes: aged patchouli, Bulgarian rose, bergamot, cardamom, more patchouli, vanilla, civet, labdanum, opoponax, myrrh, ambroxan, cedarwood, musks.

Perfumer's note: I'm exceedingly proud of this perfume – it's a a vintage-style amber and my first release incorporating synthetic notes into a natural blend. It's taken over a year and over a hundred attempts to perfect. It was worth it.

30 ml eau de parfum
2 ml atomizer sample

Ingredients: denatured isopropyl alcohol (SDA) 40B, parfum.

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