Usage & Application

Massage a dab of Ivy's Poison perfume oil onto pulse points, at the nape of the neck, along the collarbone, naughtily into cleavage, and as Coco Chanel famously put it, "wherever one wants to be kissed." (However, we strongly suggest keeping all perfume away from sensitive parts of the body.) One of our favourite ways to enjoy perfume oil is to smooth it into the ends of our hair for the flirtiest hair-flips.

A Note About Safety
We take great care to ensure the safety of our products and formulate with skin-safe percentages. Still, natural perfumes contain high amounts of active essential oils and are not suitable for everyone. Pregnant or nursing women, those with sensitive skin, epilepsy, liver conditions, and children under 12 years should avoid wearing natural perfumes. Perfume on skin exposed to intense heat (we're looking at you, hot yogis) or strong sunlight should also be avoided ~ in these situations, wearing perfume in your hair is a perfect alternative. Natural essences can contain allergens and a patch test is recommended. A card with a batch number and "enjoy by" date of two years accompanies each perfume ~ please retain it.

*Natural pigments can stain clothing.