Our Philosophy

We are a 'mostly' natural brand.

We revere naturals at Ivy's Poison. From nutrient-packed plant butters and oils to botanical extracts to essential oils and absolutes. It's why we started out as an all-natural brand. It's also why we're now a decidedly 'mostly' natural brand.

You see, as beautiful and wholesome as they are, naturals, too, are made up of chemicals that could cause harm – just the same as their synthetic counterparts, and in some cases, moreso. Everything has a toxicity threshold, even water. It's easy to pit naturals on one side as good, and synthetics on the other as bad, but it's just not that straightforward. 

Aside from safety, there's also sustainability. In a short time, we have seen the global demand for naturals steadily increase to the point where sandalwood, agarwood, rosewood, vanilla and more, have become scarce, endangered, and extremely costly. There are sustainable plantations for sandalwood now, but others continue to diminish. 

We use naturals wisely & with intention.

This isn't to say we shouldn't use naturals. They are wonderful, and we believe they exist on this earth to help nourish us. Our philosophy is to use them in ways that are well-considered, where their gifts can do the most benefit.

This is why our newest perfumes use lots of synthetics and some naturals. The materials we use – naturals and synthetics – have been thoroughly studied and have industry safe-usage guidelines. In fact, it's the natural essences that are the most restricted in perfumery for safety. Plus, when you consider their scarcity, it hardly makes sense to use them in the quantities required to make perfume when there are so many other good (and sometimes better) options.

Our skincare is the reverse; lots of naturals and some synthetics. This is to make the most of nature's nourishing properties, while the synthetic additions ensure their performance, stability and preservation. That said, if we find a good natural option that can do the job just as well, we'll go there first.

Nothing can replace the beauty of naturals.

This is why we choose to protect them and use them thoughtfully. Even with our highly accurate tools of chemical analysis, the rose remains inimitable. It appears some mysteries aren't meant to be revealed; at least not yet.

Like everything, it's about balance.

Nobody achieves the best result by doing 100% of one thing. Ever. In our opinion, 100% natural has its shortcomings. So does 100% synthetic. It's about finding balance – that perfect equilibrium that exalts the benefits of both.

A Note About Safety & Usage

We take care to ensure the safety of our products. Still, some may contain essential oils and other natural ingredients that may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant or nursing women, those with allergies or people with sensitive skin, those undergoing chemotherapy or taking Warfarin anticoagulant, epileptics, and those with liver conditions should check in with a doctor before using these products. It's best to avoid applying perfume to skin that's about to be exposed to intense heat (hot yoga) or strong sunlight ~ in these cases, perfuming your hair is a safer alternative.

All perfumes and skincare products can contain allergens – a patch test is recommended. As well, although we take measures to counteract oxidation of essential oils and other ingredients, this will eventually set in, and can adversely affect the skin. This is why a batch number and "enjoy by" date accompanies each product. Please respect them.

*Natural pigments can stain clothing.