About Us

Ivy's Poison is a Canadian brand of 'mostly natural' perfumes and skincare elixirs. Its products shine a light on botanicals – flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, roots, barks, resins – blended with luxurious high-performance ingredients to enhance self-care rituals.

At Ivy's Poison, beauty is more than skin deep. It's a feeling. One that washes over us as we inhale the scent of a faraway flower, touch the silken texture of an exotic plant oil. Beauty is a mindset that makes ordinary moments extraordinary, and natural botanicals feel supernatural. 

The brand launched in 2016 with a collections of three all-natural oil perfumes. Within just six months, and less than six social posts, Ivy's Poison was invited to the gifting suites at the Academy Awards and American Music Awards for its unique concept and design. Ivy's Poison has appeared in EDify magazine online and as a brand story for Packly.

Ivy's Poison has expanded to include skincare and is currently updating its perfume line. The original three oil perfumes are being reformulated to include safe synthetics for better sustainability and longevity. 

“Beloved poison prepared by the angels! Liqueur that consumes me, O the life and death of my heart!”
~ Charles Baudelaire on perfume, "The Perfume Flask" from The Flowers of Evil collection of poetry, 1857

Our Inspiration

Our creativity stems from the 1850s French Gothic poetry of Charles Baudelaire and apothecaries of his era where witchy remedies collided with science. During this time (as it is today), the poisons were cures as much as they were agents of peril. It was here where the curative dosing of 'poisons' and plants – since the two were one and the same – was being perfected. 

The most prized botanicals always have a dark side. Inside the voluptuous rose, intoxicating jasmine, bright citrus, haunting mosses, honeyed resins and more, lurk the potential for harm as well as pleasure. This duality is the reason we're attracted to them. The secret to safely capturing their beauty lies in knowing their power and respecting their limits.

It is within this space – where bewitching botanicals mingle with smart formulation – that our craft unfurls. 

Welcome to Ivy's Poison

The Alchemist

Shauna Rudd is a perfumer and skincare formulator, and creator of Ivy's Poison. She has studied with renowned experts: Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays, natural perfumer Ayala Moriel, Ashley Eden Kessler at the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Formula Botanica school of natural and organic skincare and Tisserand Institute for essential oil usage, safety and chemistry.
Shauna is a former aesthetician and has been mixing up potions in one form or another for as long as she can remember. She lives in Canada, just north of Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and two kids, creating scented potions in the woodlands under skies alight with aurora borealis.