About Us

“Beloved poison prepared by the angels! Liqueur that consumes me, O the life and death of my heart!”
~ Charles Baudelaire on perfume, "The Perfume Flask" from The Flowers of Evil collection of poetry, 1857

Ivy's Poison is a small-batch brand of natural (and mostly natural) perfumes and beauty elixirs made in Northern Canada. Our inspiration stems from the 1850s French Gothic poetry of Charles Baudelaire and the apothecaries of his era where folklore and witchcraft collided with science. During this time, the poisons were cures as much as they were agents of peril, and it was here where dosing of 'poisons' and natural botanicals for curative measures was being perfected. 

As with all Ivy's Poison products, and even Ivy herself, the most enchanting beauties have a dark side. Inside the voluptuous rose, intoxicating jasmine, the citruses, mosses, resins, and more, lurk the potential to cause harm as much as they bring sensual pleasure. The secret to safely harnessing their beauty for perfume and skincare lies in respecting their power and knowing their thresholds. It's within this space ~ where bewitching botanicals mingle with smart formulation ~ that our craft unfurls. 

Welcome to Ivy's Poison Apothecary

The Alchemist

Shauna Rudd is a perfumer and skincare formulator who has studied with renowned experts Sarah McCartney, Ayala Moriel, Ashley Eden Kessler, Formula Botanica and Tisserand Institute for essential oil safety and chemistry.
Her first perfume, Sundara, won the 2014 Natural Perfume Challenge hosted by Lyn Ayre, followed up in 2016 with her woody floral Chypre, Bois des Landes, and a third win in 2018 with Something Wicked.

Shauna lives north of Edmonton with her husband and two kids, creating scented potions in the woodlands under skies alight with aurora borealis.