About Us

“Beloved poison prepared by the angels! Liqueur that consumes me, O the life and death of my heart!”
~ Charles Baudelaire on perfume, "The Perfume Flask" from The Flowers of Evil collection of poetry, 1857

Ivy's Poison is a small-batch brand of natural perfumes and beauty elixirs made in Canada. Our inspiration stems from the 1850s apothecaries of Western Europe where folk remedies and even witchcraft collided with science, and the poisons were cures as much as they were agents of peril. It was here where dosing of 'poisons' and natural botanicals for curative measures was being perfected. 

As with all Ivy's Poison products, and even Ivy herself, the most enchanting beauties tend to have a dark side. The voluptuous rose or intoxicating jasmine flower can cause harm as much as they can bring sensual pleasure. The secret to safely harnessing these fragrant nectars for perfume and optimal skin health lies in respecting their power and knowing their thresholds.

It is in this magical space, where bewitching botanicals mingle with smart and luxurious formulation, that our craft unfurls. 

Welcome to Ivy's Poison Natural Apothecary

About Our Perfumes & Aromaceuticals

Natural perfume and aromaceutical fragrance for skincare (perfume compounds specially created for their skin benefits) is our specialty and is the defining force of everything we do at Ivy's Poison

Ivy's Poison perfumes are blended with natural extracts, exquisite essential oils, and absolutes that bloom into a sumptuous experience on the skin. Our perfumes are inspired by the 1850s French Gothic collection of poetry by Charles Baudelaire ~ Les fleurs du mal or The Flowers of Evil ~ where he describes perfume as "beloved poison prepared by the angels." 

Our Perfume Oils contain pure parfum concentration of essence ~ between 20% and 25% ~ in a base of organic golden jojoba wax making them lavish little potions. Our lightly perfumed Moisture Mysts (coming soon!) are skin-loving body and hair dry oil mists of nutrient-rich plant lipids and aromaceutical fragrance with a host of hair and skin benefits.

Ivy's Poison perfumed oils sit close to the skin, to be enjoyed by you and those invited into your personal space. Sensuous application and a dewy skin-feel make these oils luscious enhancers of relaxation, meditation, and spellbinding seduction.