About Us

“Beloved poison prepared by the angels! Liqueur that consumes me, O the life and death of my heart!”
~ Charles Baudelaire on perfume, "The Perfume Flask" from The Flowers of Evil collection of poetry, 1857

Ivy's Poison is a Canadian small-batch line of natural perfumes, handmade in Northern Alberta under skies alight with aurora borealis.

Ivy's Poison perfume is blended with exquisite essential oils, absolutes, and natural extracts that bloom into a sumptuous experience on the skin. Our luxurious oil perfumes contain pure parfum concentration of essence ~ between 20% and 30% ~ in a base of organic golden jojoba oil making them lavish little potions. 

The inspiration behind Ivy's Poison stems from the 1850s French Gothic collection of poetry by Charles Baudelaire ~ Les fleurs du mal or The Flowers of Evil ~ where he describes perfume as "beloved poison prepared by the angels." Indeed, the most intoxicating essences have a dark side that heightens their allure, but our name is tongue-in-cheek and our products contain no harmful additives.

Ivy's Poison perfume oils are designed to sit close to the skin, enjoyed by you and those invited into your personal space. Sensuous rollerball application and a dewy skin-feel add to the appeal as luscious enhancers of relaxation, meditation, and of course, spellbinding seduction.