Something Wicked ~ Eau de Parfum

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Something Wicked is a patchouli-breathing beast with an amber heart, perched on a cloud of powdered vanilla. A burst of citrus, cardamom and rosewater lead the way to aged patchouli, sweet amber, smouldering cedarwood, incense and purring musks. Somewhere on the path, a vintage animalic note quietly paws its way forward – a reminder that underneath the vanilla powder puff prowls a lioness.

Notes: bergamot, cardamom, rosewater, dark patchouli, soft caramel, powdered vanilla, civet,* benzoin, cedarwood, sweet myrrh, ethereal musks

Ingredients: denatured isopropyl alcohol (SDA) 40B, parfum.
*synthetic reconstitution

Perfumer's Note:  Something Wicked this way comes... Again. This once-natural perfume oil has been reformulated into an alcohol base and amplified with soft musks and woody floral nuances. I'm exceedingly proud of this perfume — it's a a vintage-style amber and my first release that blends synthetics with naturals. It's taken over a year and over a hundred attempts. It was worth it.

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