The Green Faerie

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Playful pink grapefruit and fresh green notes mingle with Moroccan rose and precious Australian boronia flower ~ a rare essence the colour of emeralds. This pretty perfume bursts with juicy citrus and crushed green foliage before settling into a soft floral bouquet. Exuberant and uplifting, this is our house fragrance.

Perfumer's note: You're more likely to sight an actual green faerie than you are to find real boronia flower in a mainstream perfume, especially in such high amounts. The freedom to create with such exquisite naturals is the beauty of craft perfumery.

"One of the most opulent and sumptuous green fragrances ever created... A masterpiece; it does not get better than this. 5/5 Stars." ~ Joseph Sagona, Perfume Reviewer

 5 ml natural perfume in organic golden jojoba oil (roll-on bottle)
or 1 ml sample vial

Ingredients: Organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, parfum (natural), mixed tocopherol (vitamin e).

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