Something Wicked

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NEW! Something Wicked this way comes... This devilishly delicious gourmand is blended with an ultra-smooth 12-year-old patchouli that's been aged in oak barrels, and laced with a dusting of cardamom and a sprinkling of rosewater.

Perfumer's note: The idea for this perfume came from a dream I had about making a caramel sauce flavoured with patchouli. The high dose of patchouli in here should blow the roof off, but because of the aging it's surprisingly soft.

5 ml natural perfume in organic golden jojoba oil (roll-on bottle)
or 1 ml sample vial

Ingredients: Organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, parfum (natural essential oils, absolutes, and isolates), mixed tocopherol (vitamin e).

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