Le Bouquet de Maya ~ Eau de Parfum

Le Bouquet de Maya ~ Eau de Parfum

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Balmy tropical nights. Stars glinting off the ocean. Palms swaying gently in the sweet floral breeze. This exquisite cocoa & white flowers fragrance is our first eau de parfum ~ and destined to be our most extravagant.

A burst of sparkling citrus & cardamom is quickly overcome by a voluptuous bouquet of the rarest, most precious tropical florals in the world ~ plumeria, Tahitian gardenia, coffee flower & Indian Jasmine ~ floating on a base of dark cocoa. The drydown radiates sun-warmed skin touched by a light aura of night-blooming flowers. 

Perfumer's Note: I created this perfume in honour of my daughter on her first birthday. The result was not the perfume you would imagine to be inspired by a child, but a gorgeous bewitching thing ~ as if the essences got together and divined the woman that she will become.

98.5% natural. Due to the rarity of genuine tropical floral absolutes, this perfume is only available in a 15 ml atomizer bottle and a 2.5 ml luxury sample size.

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