Aqua Mirabilis

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Translated from Latin as ‘wonderful water’ or ‘miracle water’ Aqua Mirabilis emerged in the mid-1600s as the world’s first alcohol-based fragrance. Italian perfumer Giovanni Paolo Feminis was the first to blend 95% alcohol with 5% essence of citrus, herbs and spice. Later, the family changed the name to fit with French tradition, and Eau de Cologne was born.

Our Aqua Mirabilis Ritual Essences are an homage to the Feminis. We retained the idea of 5% natural essence in alcohol, but instead of one formula, we offer a bouquet of scents. These are light enough for energetically cleansing ritual spaces, but tenacious enough for scenting the body with an aura of mystical botanicals, sacred resins and precious florals. It’s our version of what some call ‘spirit water’ but with the qualities of a luxury fragrance.